Below are some kind words people have to say about us.

I had been after a BSH for a few years and came across Annette via a friend of mine, from the second I went to see her that was it! The house was immaculate, Annetta was SO knowledgeable on everything and didn’t mind me asking questions via text constantly she always replied instantly .. Shady my beautiful boy is stunning in every way and I think I will be going back soon for another! I would not go anywhere else

Vicky Hungerford. Sept 2018


Since I first spoke with Annette back in May about a litter of kittens she was expecting I found that she was really supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. Annette was available to answer any questions I had and continually kept me updated on the progress of the kittens. Upon visiting I was pleased to see that they were very well looked after, it was great to see all of the kittens interacting with their litter mates and mum and that Annette also cared about who her kittens were homed with, vetting me along the way. I was able to get some background information on dad and even got to see some pictures! Annette spent a lot of time offering advice and when I had chosen Teddy (or when he chose me) she kept me up to date with pictures, weigh ins, his diet etc. When I picked Teddy up and brought him home I could see instantly how confident he was, due to Annette's fantastic socialising skills, I felt reassured that he was in good health due to his vet checks, vaccinations and documentation. I know that she is always on hand to send a text message to or call if I am unsure of anything along the way, which really shows how committed she is to her cats and their new parents! Finally, I would 100% recommend that if anybody is considering having a British Shorthair kitten, then this is the lady to go to!

Tom Grace

I’ve been looking for the perfect BSH blue since the beginning of this year and I came across a few but none seemed right to me and those that did never responded to my emails. We decided to expand our search as we were willing to travel and came across Annette (who is 160 miles from my home) on the GCCF site. After much digging and investigation we decided to get in touch. Extremely glad we did because we now have our first kitten who we called Dory. We visited her, saw where she was born, met her mum and all her siblings and extended family. All the cats were happy and amazingly well looked after. Annette has been a godsend as she’s welcomed all the questions I had which I had an awful lot of. She’s continued to be a great support to me and a great guide and by god I needed it! You can tell that Annette has a genuine love for her cats even after they have left home.

If you’ve never had a cat or would like one, I highly recommend Annette. All those months of researching and waiting has 100% paid off.

Thanks Annette, you’ve been incredible!

Katherine Tsang - Orr

I just want to thank Annette again and again because she’s been so great! So much advice and so friendly, I feel like I’ve made a friend for life through cats. When collecting our Leo all the information was great and the leaflets were great help! I was so surprised that she had done a goodie hamper for Leo as well it’s stunning! I’m so happy and I would recommend her for anybody. Her cats are well looked after, beautiful and well natured. Our Leo has settled in well with our other cat and is already coming for cuddles and fuss after a couple of hours of having him. Thank you again. I look forward to being in contact with you and sending pictures of Leo as he grows ????????

Emma & Edd Macukiewicz

Luke & Connie. April 2018

All I can say is wow Annette is not only the best in my opinion at what they do we looked around breeders websites until we was recommended to Annette and I promise you, you will not get better quality honesty and care the knowledge and advice we was given was exceptional the love and attention the kittens and cats are given is really exceptional honestly our kittens are perfect

Thank you from Luke and Connie

Emma Mac. Aug 2018

We've just reserved our little man with Annette, and so far she's been absolutely amazing! So much information and she's so friendly and caring. You can tell her cats mean the world to her and so they should, they are all so lovely and loving natured and well handled and cared for! I can't wait to have our little man in September and be in regular contact with Annetta a true super star and well worth every penny for the pure breed, advice, information and support from her! Your babies are so lucky to have such a loving and caring owner.

Lots of love, Emma and Eddy xx

Beautiful cats with very impressive lineage. Thank you for looking after us, we absolutely love our kitten!

Ben Noble

My grandchildren love her to bits, she has just been fantastic. I am so pleased that we have her in our lives.


Can't thank Richard and Annette enough for our lovely kitten, helped me start to finish with what i needed.

Sophie Cutler

We contacted Annette after finding her details on the GCCF website, it was very clear from our first contact that Annette was a very reputable breeder and really loves her BSH’s and only wants the best homes for them. Annette didn’t have any kittens available at first but she took our details and said she would contact us in the future ...... and she did!
We went to meet Annette and her little BSH family and were introduced to our new little family member! We saw the Mum and were given details and shown photos of Dad, all of Annette’s BSH are very lovely, playful and really soft natured. Nothing was too much trouble and the aftercare and contact is really appreciated, if you need anything Annette is always at the end of the phone.
Annette provides a really big box full of treats and familiarity for the kittens which is lovely - full of all there familiar toys, blankets, food and food bowls - you don’t need to buy any food for a while!

We would definitely recommend Annette to anyone who is interested in owning a beautiful well nature’s BSH kitten!

Thanks for everything Annette!

Natalie, Chris & Chunky x