I am a small hobby breeder
and my passion is The British shorthair.

My British Shorthair breeding cats are tested for known genetic problems such as PKD, they are also blood typed and fully vaccinated. My cats all receive the very best of care because in reality they are not breeding stock, they are my much loved pets who just happen to have babies and go to shows!

All of my kittens are fully registered with the GCCF. They also come with a 5 Generation Pedigree certificate, 4 weeks pet insurance and fully vaccinated. All of my cats are Vet checked twice, fully wormed and flea preventative treated. I supply, toys and food, kitten pack  and any other advice needed, I am always on hand to help where I can. I am a member of the GCCF Responsible Breeders Scheme and have been inspected. with my own Prefix, and various other Cat clubs.

The British Shorthair, a Profile

The British Shorthair is a relatively powerful, sturdy and compact cat, having a broad chest, strong thick-set legs with rounded paws and a medium-length, blunt-tipped tail. The head is relatively large and rounded, with a short muzzle, broad cheeks (most noticeable in mature males, who tend to develop prominent jowls) and large round eyes that are deep coppery orange in the British Blue and otherwise vary in colour depending on the coat. Their medium-sized ears are broad at the base and widely set.


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Winter 2023

We have new arrivals !

Tara our Champion has given birth to 4 beautiful kittens. 




If your looking for a new family member in 2024

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Responsible breeders scheme

 I have been a member of the GCCF  Responsible breeders scheme since 2017 . To find out more information about what this means please click here to be taken to the GCCF website.

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